When Did You Last Read Your LinkedIn Profile?


LinkedIn is an integral asset to your business and professional development. How well does your LinkedIn Profile represent you?


 Are you satisfied that your profile is pre-selling you properly?


Do You View The LinkedIn Profile Of A New Contact?

Guess what – they’re doing the same research on you. What kind of “first impression” will they have when they get there?

Have you personalised your headline, or has it simply been auto-populated with your current job title? Do you have a well-written and engaging profile which instantly builds confidence about you and your expertise? 

Your LinkedIn Profile is not a recap of your resume – it’s your opportunity to engage the reader and build your professional brand. It’s your ‘why’ story and should tell people exactly what you’re known for and how your previous experience uniquely positions you in the marketplace.


Give Your LinkedIn Profile A Makeover

We gather background information from you and then craft your unique story into an engaging, conversational profile that evokes confidence, trust and credibility to your audience.

We speak directly to the ideal clients that you have identified, to their problems and challenges, and to the solutions that you offer.

Importantly, we include a clear call to action – we tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do next.

Over 500 Million People Use LinkedIn 

With that many users, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd. Here are the 3 most important parts of your profile when someone first discovers you on LinkedIn:

Your picture
Your summary
Your Call to Action

With a properly done profile, you can be satisfied that viewers are already pre-sold before they reach out to you.